Friday, August 28, 2009

LoSIng My IDEntiTy


Its been a long time since ive updated this blog. A lot of things have happen this days. Our Hindraf leader is released from ISA and established new party. Hmmm... Coming to the main point why im writing today. Its about our major problem which is speaking our mother tongue 'Tamil'. Everything is developing in our country now except the mentality of our Indians.
Many Indian Malaysians who know their mother tongue seem to be almost embarrassed to speak the language especially in the presence of other Malaysians. This small looking problem is a major problem actually, people who cant speak their own mother tongue is more likely ignoring their own mother. But if we go to the root of this problem ,the main cause of this problem is our parents and ancestors also. Our own race itself. Most of the parents now days wont encourage their children to learn Tamil,but they always ask them to learn English,Mandarin and Malay so they can mingle around with other races easily.

I once asked a fellow Malayalee girl who is my classmate, how come she could not speak her language? She told me that “My father said learning Malayalam or Tamil is not going to bring any economic benefits at all to me so I would be better off learning English,” was her reply. Her father was on to something because I hear the same reason being given by parents who only speak English to their children. What is the point of learning your mother tongue? It’s English, Malay and Mandarin that you need to get by in this world. This scenario is played out in many urban middle class homes of Indian Malaysians. It seems to me the better educated and the richer the Indian Malaysian is, the more they distances their selves from their mother tongue.

Has it come to this for us Indian Malaysians? Because there is no economic value to our mother tongue so let us dump it? On the same argument, if there is no economic value in us remaining Hindus or Sikhs etc so it is better we dump it for any religion that will give us an economic uplift? Anything about us is for sale as long as it brings economic benefits?
Why don't we change our religion to other religion that will give us more benefits rather than being a Hindu? With this kind of mentality we wont go far and at last there will be a museum to show our future children who is Indian,Tamilan and etc.

Not many of us realize that we are killing our own identity just to survive. Does a language become marketable on its own. We are the one should make it marketable, not others. If we still insisting to talk in our own mother language then we are no more INDIANS. Even my lecturer also talk about this to me. Even thought she is a Malay, but ask me to talk in Tamil.She told me that 'who else will revive your own language if not you'. She also told me that one of the tried and tested ways a dominant power tries to overpower the weaker subjects is to try to take away its language and culture so that the people can be easily molded into whatever the dominant party wants them to be.

When we loose our mother tongue it is just the first phase in losing our culture and our identity. But some of us aren’t too bothered about all this. Even our well known poet Vairamuthu once talked about a language in the Andaman Nicobar Islands, where there were only four speakers of the language left. When those four eventually die, that language would die with them. That he said is a tragedy. But the greater tragedy is when the people of a language are still around and yet despite that, the language dies because no one is able to speak it anymore, he said.It is up to us to see that the greater language tragedy that Vairamuthu talked about does not happen to us Indian Malaysians. But looking at the situation now i think this tragedy will happen soon in Malaysia. Better we change now than its too late. 'Valghe Thamilagam,Valghe Tamil Mozli

“If the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.” - quote attributed to Lord Macaulay, 1835

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Government has launched a program where families with earning capacity
below RM1500 for urban area and RM1000 for non-urban area encouraged to
register in this program.

Program Name : e-kasih

Registration mode : online -

or register at the nearest district office

Benefit :
Will be interviewed and if found fit will be given financial aid
and other aids which is suitable for the particular family.

Information from ministry says that Indian registration in this program is very little.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Tamil speaking people from all over the world grieved for the plight and predicaments of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka. The warfare in Sri Lanka lasted for a disastrous 33 long years and the tussle ended in such a painful manner that those affected are quite certain of the fact that the “wound” might not even heal. The military conflict may have lasted for 33 years but historical records dates back to 2000 years ago where the conflict brewed between the Sinhalese King Asela and the Tamil Chola Prince Elara in the northern Sri Lanka. The bloody warfare between the Sinhalese army and the Liberated Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) finally ended in a rather conventional way which any other war may end i.e. a gain for one party and pain for the other. The world saw the (self-proclaimed) victory of the Sinhalese Government and a dreaded defeat for LTTE. Whichever way the war meets it’s end, the most important part would be to make right all the “damages” left by the war and the task to treat all the defect should rightfully be far more important than celebrating the victory itself.

Now that the war is declared to have ended as per the master plan of the Sinhalese government, it’s about time they abandon the course of life that left many with nothing but sufferings. The focus should by all means be on the people. It’s now time for a change, a positive one (hopefully). As for that, I wish to throw some light to the changes that have already taken place within the people thus far and I wish to be fair here, we shall acknowledge the changes experienced by the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka, well, never mind about the politicians and the top guns behind the war.Like said earlier, since I am touching on the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka and as such I won’t shut my eyes to the rarely discussed reaction of the Sinhalese civilians to the government troops’ victory over the LTTE. I could still recall the reaction of one Sinhalese youth of Sri Lanka who said that he now he feels the Sri Lankan national flag “heavier” when he hoisted it and another Sinhalese youth who quipped that he never felt as proud as he feels now upon wearing his jersey bearing their flag.

These are normal civilians who yearn for peace in their country more than winning the war itself. They claim that they look forward to live an unprejudiced life with their fellow countrymen, the Tamilians and assured that the victory of the government troops means nothing if their island can’t be freed from the terror that struck them. There were also many Sinhalese who expressed relief that the war is now over as they too lived in fear that they might be victims of random bomb blasts all these years. After all, they too experienced the trauma of losing their beloved family members and valued friends in terror attacks due to the war state in their country. In spite of this, their joy over the end of war will only survive if they could eliminate the prejudices and differences buried in their hearts. All these are just matter of conscience and the only perfect option would be to finding a right formula to set aside their bitter past within the complex environment and embrace unity.

The people deeply affected by the warfare definitely are the Tamil civilians of Sri Lanka and it is difficult for me to fathom the depth of their predicament being a mere onlooker who was not even born when the war was begun in Sri Lanka (thanks to dad who furnished me with ample details). Though the time now calls for peaceful life for the new generation of Tamil community but the tussle all these years has made worst the ethnic divide amongst the people in Sri Lanka. If the government troops’ victory is mistaken for a “license” to discriminate the Tamil population, the hope for a peaceful life that the Tamilians have now will die instantly (well, this better not happen…). The Tamil community’s dissatisfaction should be acknowledged by the ruling government and they should be accepted by the majority population of Sri Lanka if they really look forward for a better future. In fact, the Sinhalese and Tamilians were said to have lived happily in the early 70’s even though the Tamil population felt the tension arising through the struggle for political power during that period. A peaceful resolution must be invoked in due time in order to address the ethnic divide in the country and rebuild a better future for the well-being of the country.

The exceptional misery suffered by the Tamilians ever since the war begun in Sri Lanka, an island likened to the shape of a “tear drop” grieved the merciful minds of all over the world. Currently the Sri Lankan government still hesitates to allow complete access of aid workers to civilians who remain in camps with an unconvincing “excuse” that the government is still trying to weed out “rebels” hiding among the refugees. Whilst the government “works” on weeding out certain quarters who they tagged as “Tamil Tiger infiltrators,” let us hope that the Sinhalese population will extend an olive-branch to the Tamil population when they are freed of their misery. The end of the war hasn’t promised an end to the ethnic grievances but it did leave the ethnics with an option to live in unison as the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka. It now depends largely on the people’s decision; either to celebrate a peaceful life or to abandon it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Proud To Be An Indian


Being Indian is one thing, but being proud to be an Indian is another matter all together. Seriously speaking, how many of us are proud to use our mother tongue to communicate when we meet our fellow Indians in a social gathering? How many of us wear traditional costumes such as Saree and Dhoti when we go out ( temple, Indian marriage function etc..)?? Have you noticed how proud Indian parents were when their 3 years old child calls them "Daddy, Mummy"??? They are very proud that their child communicates with them only in English...So, what about their very own mother tongue???? English and any other language are important but at the same time, is it alright for us to abandon our mother tongue just because we are well versed in other languages ( English, French, Mandarin etc ).

Many of the Gen Y Indians ( born in the era 70's-80's ) are not able to speak in their own mother tongue fluently. There are many excuses that are given by this group of people such as mixed parentage, parents refusing to teach them the language, low standard etc..Whatever the reason, they should remember that its shameful for not being able to communicate on ones own mother tongue. The Chinese community teases the other Chinese who are unable to speak in Chinese as "BANANA", a term used to tease those Chinese for having the Chinese look on the outside but communicates in a foreign language ( English ).

It is still not to late, to foster the use of our own mother tongue ( Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Urdu etc ) among the younger generations before others starts calling them by names as well. You've been warned!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Aku masih seorang pendatang di tempat sendiri.Telah ku kira stelah lebih 50tahun ku akan diterima sebagai wargakota tetapi aku masih silap. Aku masih digelar pendatang, didiskriminasi, diabaikan dan kemahuanku ditolak.Walau dari mana aspek pun aku digelar pendatang. Hati ini tidak mengerti mengapa keadaan ini masih berlaku sedangkan kotaraya ini juga berkembang dengan usaha dari diriku ini, dari bangsa aku sendiri. Pengorbanan saudaraku di kawasan estet masih ada. Jika tiada mereka siapa lagi akan bertungkus lumus disana. Ingin mengubah taraf hidup yang ternyata dari hari ke hari makin suram.

Walau sekeras mana aku berusaha aku masih ditakuk lama tanpa sebarang perubahan yang nyata. Disana sini saudaraku dan diri ini sendiri dipandang hina, dicerca dan yang paling meyedihkan disuap dengan dusta oleh segelintir jelmaan Hitler dibumi bertuah ini. Aku tidak mengerti dimana silapnya diri ini. Telah ku puas mengkaji telah puas ku meneliti...................
Baru aku sedar semuanya berpunca dari bangsaku jua. Bagsa yang masih gemarkan suapan dari bangsa lain, bangsa yang masih ingin megemis dari pihak atasan ,bangsa yang hanya membuat kerja ibarat hangat hangat tahi ayam.

Aku musykil dengan keadaan ini sedangkan bangsa rakan seperjuangan aku sekarang telah berjaya menegakkan hak mereka. Menjadi pendominasi kosmopolitan ini. Mengapa tidak bangsa ku melakukannya. Segalanya berpunca dari bangsa ku jua. Malah diriku jua tidak terkecuali. Semenjak dulu bangsaku bersifat lebih stereotaip. Gah dengan dunia sendiri tidak mengutamakan daya bersaing. Jadi masih ketinggalan. Diriku sedar terdapat banyak NGO atau kumpulan persendirian yang ingin membantu,dikala itu kita menerima sahaja.dimana akal yang dikurniakan oleh tuhan dimana terletaknya daya kelogikkan diri ini.

Semuanya dijadikan kertas pembungkus nasi lemak. Lupakah kita , lupakah diri ini bahawa tiada yang percuma pada era kosmopolitan ini.lupakah diri ini??? Masih butakah aku! Tidak sedarkah aku segala kumpulan ini hanya memberi bantuan dengan mempunyai perkiraan tersendiri, penyebaran fahaman mereka. Fahaman yang akhirnya akan memecah belahkan keluarga ku, yang akan merobek kewarasan bangsaku.Tetapi apa yang boleh dibuat aku dan saudara saudaraku masih bersifat tipikal, bersikap kebudak budakan. Hidup dalam alam khayalan menunggu jelmaan KALKI membantu umatku. Tidak sedarkah lagi diriku ini dengan jelmaan dasar Apartheid di kota ini.

Tidak sedar lagikah bangsaku dengan pengubahan kategori mereka kepada LAIN-LAIN. Atau mereka masih dialam yang tersendiri. Tenggelam dengan janji-janji sudaraku yang sebenarnya bersikap mementingkan diri dan memusnahkan bangsa sendiri.Mengisi periuk nasi sendiri!!!!!
puih...... warga keparat perosak bangsa. Ingin diri ini membunuh mereka ibarat kes BLACK DAHLIA. biar mereka merasa kepedihan saudaraku yang tertindas.Walaupun sekarang bangsaku mula keluar dari kepompong lama tetapi masih dipengaruhi kepentingan satu satu pihak bukan umat keseluruhannya. Makin aku memberontak makin aku dipijak.maikn aku dijerumuskan ke alam kegelapan oleh saudaraku sendiri.

Pemberontakkan yang tiada penghujung yang membawa kepada kemusnahan bangsa sendiri. Pemberontak yang korup dan penhisap darah bangsa sendiri. Lebih berbahaya dari virus selsema babi yang berevolusi. Diri ini merasakan tidak gna juga aku terus mengarut mluah perasaan kerana aku dapat jamin akan ada ramai saudaraku sendiri yang akan tertawakan aku.
Mengutuk perasaan aku.Biarlah bukan sekarang aku dilayan sedemikan sedangkan bangsaku pun sudah nazak.ini bukanlah pekara baru bagi aku hidup dalam bangsa yang memakan saudara sendiri yang hidup sebagai bodoh sombong. Bertindak bagi lembu dicucuk hidung.
Biarlah mereka alpa di kota 'BOLEH' ini tenggelam dengan janji HITLER yang baru.

ViSwA PuRnAm


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